Sunday, September 14, 2008


Unduk Ngadau In Lahad Datu

All The contestant unduk ngadau are Done by use The Fantastic 4 we call it..
and this some of my work that day.

This is one of the Judges for the Unduk Ngadau she's the winner 2006 in Lahad Datu

One of the contestant

She is still school,so cant shape her eyebrow yet..

i have no idea who is she but she ask me to makeup i gave her Smooky blue


jasonjay said...

2006 LD Unduk - Dorothy Misir kai tuh? si apun lupa2 suda muka dia .. i was the choreographer at the state unduk ngadau ...

♥BelLa Ace♥ said...
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Jason said...

yaa sylvester la tu...
mayb la kot dorothy sa pun ingat2 lupa nama nya