Sunday, October 26, 2008



wedding in papar also...they're all are bride sister...just do it simple-simple...
but i didnt chose tht fake lashes for her..i dont know the age...but i know lots of children already la them kan..40 plus kot

i rasa cacat diz i do this problem dalam bilik dia...adeii..tension akuu!!

golden and brown

i've taken this pic after the wedding...thts why they sweat heheheh

Saturday, October 18, 2008


25th october 2008

okay this time it was 4.30Am in the morning have to wakeup just to go makeup in papar.
i did bridesmaid again..well this result i didnt make it to overdone...i think so..well to me la...i dont know to others view kan

i blend in pink n purple..

She's 35years old

and she's done..

18th october 2008

6.30 early in the morning, so have wakeup early La. because it a church MASS ..i have done 4 person including bridesmaid and the other are folks hehee...just simple jak dorg tu...

But focus on Bridesmith here..Helow...

i gave the bridesmaid a simple natural touch..because wedie told me not to do over from the BRIDE...but He told me after the makeup..He said Ala Overdone plak the bridesmaid

sorry wedie hik...

but yeah WHo cares its for my Blog actually hehehe...Jgn marahh...

so here's the result that i makeup..enjoy..

pic below is Before & After Makeup By Muah

Friday, October 17, 2008


17 october 2008

There is a annual dinner...and they have a Dance performance to promote their dancing school..

so i did 2 and sharon

its really fun doing their makeup..eventhough very tired and sick that so excited when i did the smooky Blue... i kind of like it.. i've done smooky blue because follow apple outfit Blue..

request from them is...glittery i put lots of glitter on their faces..and thick false lashes...

Apple(left) and Sharon (right)

i gave apple smooky Blue and sharon smooky pink...

This is Me and apple...taking pic together =)
doi muka org sakit ni sy..

Monday, October 13, 2008


This is my Model Named Zaza, The Theme for her Makeup is 'HOLLYWOOD GLAM'
she wanna look like a shining star,a celebrity...

I gave her eyes Smooky purple blend with pink & Black and thick false lashes for the top and natural false lashes for the bottom
this zaza before makeup

smooky purple with pink n black


actually there's lot of nice pic of her i took..but cant post it to many coz nanti penuh muka dia di Blog sy...

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Here's Aminah 52Yo...i have try my best to do her...i gave her Socket or double eyelid...which blend pink n dark purple...u cant see it because of her eyelid..biasa la dah berumur cam tu la lipatan mata hehehe =p

Before makeup

And BAMMmmmm DOneee
Yey! i think here i improve my Eyebrows ..not like last time

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


this is Shima,well i called it makeup saja2 jer...becoz not a big function she's gonna go also...just visiting raya Open begaya2 la sikit kunun diaa..cehwahh!
wht i've done here is very simple touch which called Socket or Double Eyelid style...

here's the result:

aku tak letak towel tu cam tu ya...dia sendrii letakk hehehe