Monday, August 18, 2008


15th August 2008

there was a wedding event on tht i have done few of the bride's relatives, on this date we have a team work which is Me,wedie n syl doing some makeup...

here's my work....
smooky brown

16th August 2008

also team work n the same event...but this time makeup,wedie n wedie's student named ryna...todays theme is all of us doing smooky green

so here's the photo

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Before n After Make-up..touch By Jason
MUM(52 years old)Attend Wedding

There TWO colours blend..which is light purple n dark purple...

Sharlyna (Competition Dance at Centre Point Kk,Sabah.)

Shima(just practice)


Gambar Hiasan(not mine Ok)

who doesnt like colours?....well everybody does...How i have interest in Make-up...?
here's the first i was not very interested in attend weddings..
but since my cousin's wedding..i saw her face like a Doll..i said i wish i do like tht..

so after tht...i try to do make-up first on my cousin n Mum..."jadi mangsaa" hehehhe
it is not very good but a good try i think...

then one day i've meet one friend named Wedie Aning which is...a Profesional hair stylish n Makeup Artist... u can visit his Blog

there's one event which is Unduk ngadau In Lahad Datu Sabah.where wedie,me n friends had a
a week before the event...wedie teach me just make-up basic...

so now....i only do create my own style....reseacrh photo by photo...and also my sis in law....jadi mangsaa i slalu makeup..thanks to her giving me support in this carrier..


My collection is not to branded i tell u...Most Important is the way u apply..
Kalau Beli jer mahal2 tp tak pandai Apply wat pe kan...Dont Laugh at my Product not profesional Pun...But one day la Amin....

My Makeup Box N Brushes
this all my collection...if earn lots of money then i upgrade lagi la...hehhe

Im Using Krayolan Dermacos Foundation
it is very good Coverage.....i like it...