Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Avant Garde Doll

Model : Lysa
Hair & Makeup By Jason
Photography By Jason
Concept A bit Like LadyGaga theme..
Im think of doing Weird Makeup..Well NOT too weird...hihihi..so here's some result


pangie said...

beautiful as always!

Fadhlillah Adnan said...

love it!!

Jason said...

thank pangie & fadhlillah

azah said...

im really interested to attend ur class...if u be somewhere in KL please inform me..im excited to learn ur beautiful work..:)those makeup were awesome and perfect...!

Jason said...

hye azah...
thanks for the compliment..
yeah suree ...i'll inform if im in KL...hihiih ...aminnn

Anonymous said...

Ur work is great. But there's I need to spill out. I think u emphasize too much on eyes. Too much eye liner. In order too improve, you can blend few colours of eye shadow. That's all buddy. The rest are nice and cool.
Keep up the good work.